Well-being, Humanity & Environment.


Mission Statement

Our mission at Vacii is to empower people the confidence to be themselves, be truthful & care for the community & environment. Inspired by the globalization of arts and cultures, we are dedicated to create innovative products that bring joy to our everyday experience with technology. We also hope to raise social awareness for the environment and community by drawing design concepts from nature.


Core Values

Joy : Enrich user experience of technology with intelligent human-centered design.

Love: Uplift emotional well-being with passionate expression of form and color.

hope: Respect the planet by using sustainable materials and processes.

Joy | Love | Fun | Hope



Vacii pioneered GelFabric technology, genuine fabric on gel, for mobile lifestyle accessories. Unlike other hard shell cases in the market, this unique technology offers a genuine soft touch that feels delightful in the palms of our hands. Besides its look and feel, GelFabric also protects mobile from scratch and reduces shock.


Spirit of Craftsmanship

We believe in the importance of craftsmanship in every Vacii product. Each product is made from a series of intricate processes, in which much is done by the hands of experienced craftsmen. And we inspect these works of art with rigorous pursuit of perfection.



With high respect for our environment, all materials used in our products are ROHS compliant.

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